Beat the Bloat!

The holidays are upon us!! This means lots of family dinners, holiday parties, work parties, etc. it’s a tough season to navigate!

(Coach Carson wrote an awesome blog post here on tips for avoiding weight gain during the holidays here but, just in case your do go over board, read on ;))

Each holiday I let my clients know it’s ok to have a free meal with family and friends and not worry about the numbers. You’re not going to be on your death bed wishing you had tracked thanksgiving 2016. There is a difference, however, between eating an untracked meal and going overboard.  Even if you did go overboard, I can assure you… YOU ARE GOING TO BE OK. One salad doesn’t make you in shape and one price of  pie (or a half…) doesn’t turn you into Jaba the hut. What we do with consistency is the determining factor, not a one off!

So be kind to yourself and get back on track. Besides, you can detox!! And it’s with something you already have!!

It’s some common to see detox teas, cleanses and people trying to sell you all sorts of overpriced things to help you shed the holiday pounds.

DON’T BUY IN. See my post on “detox teas” here:

Aside from that, you have exactly what you need to detox!! Your body!! You will hear me repeatedly talk about how amazing the body is because it’s true!! The body wants to get back to balance or homeostasis and is always working to do so. Your kidneys, liver, digestion are all working to get you back on track. So, you can do nothing and as long as you get back on track you’ll probably drop back down to your pre-holiday meal weight (but not if you have been doing this 2x per week or every week. You could have definitely entered a surplus and could have accumulated some actual weight).

I tell my clients to recover they can either keep everything the same and get right back on track or implement a few changes for 2-4 days.

  1. WATER WATER WATER. To help flush the excess water your body is holding, just drink some more! There are hormones in your body and when water is plentiful, they get the signal that it’s ok to release water.
  2. Extra sweat to help push water out. A little extra cardio or even a sauna session can really help people both physically and mentally. When I do either, I make sure my water is especially high.
  3. You can drop carbs SLIGHTLY for a few days to help with the water retention (since carbs pull water) and also this can help if you really over did it macro wise (offset the surplus).
  4. EAT WHOLE FOODS! This will help with digestion and “detox”.  Your digestion might be off for a few days, so eating good volume and lots of nutrients with an appropriate amount of fiber will help.

I know the food still lingers post-holidays with leftovers and people constantly bringing things into the office. It is sweater season 😉 and these times are important. Just find a balance that makes YOU feel mentally and physically good.

Happy holidays!!