Rest and Recovery

Mar 05

REST DAY!! Sleep and rest is something that often falls low on the priority list for many and is CRUCIAL for your goals and well being.Not getting enough sleep can lead to poor performance, concentration and negatively impact your hormones (cortisol!! stress hormone!) Below are the TOP things I do for better sleep 1. create…

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Protein Bars or Whole Food?

Feb 15

I am often asked how I feel about protein bars in a diet or when using IIFYM / flexible dieting. Here are my overall thoughts and some of my favorite bars as well. 1. Bars are AWESOME for on the go and travel. I definitely utilize these or have them on hand when I am…

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Beat the Bloat!

Nov 27

The holidays are upon us!! This means lots of family dinners, holiday parties, work parties, etc. it’s a tough season to navigate! (Coach Carson wrote an awesome blog post here on tips for avoiding weight gain during the holidays here but, just in case your do go over board, read on ;)) Each holiday I…

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Detox Teas and Alternatives

Nov 27

“Detox  is White Girl for diarrhea.” It’s funny, but it’s true. The best detox is whole, nutritious food, drinking your water, and throwing in some exercise to get those endorphins. If you’re ordering these teas, you can save a lot of money by going and picking up a senna tea or even ex lax. Your…

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Staying on Track – Post Show Tips!!

Nov 07

Congrats! You made it through prep! You’ve been prepping for most likely a minimum of 12 weeks and in some cases, a full year! Most people think that once you’re in great shape, you’ll simply stay shredded. Unfortunately not! I like to tell my clients that just because show day has passed it doesn’t mean…

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Travel Tips for Staying on Track!

Oct 21

Traveling and staying can be a little bit of a challenge until you know a couple tricks to help keep you on plan! A little preparation can really go a long way!! I would recommend either pre bagging some servings of certain foods (oatmeal, nuts, veggies, protein) or bringing a small measuring cup, set of…

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Five Tips to Fight Hunger!

Oct 17

Hunger is often viewed as a negative feeling or sensation, but feeling hungry can be good! We should not avoid being hungry at all times or fear hunger – This can lead do over eating! It’s great to give your body a chance to process the food you have already consumed before “Adding to the…

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Reflecting on Body Image – No Mirror October Challenge!

Oct 03

I was having a conversation with my mom about eating, self-image and when I felt the best about myself. Honestly, I have very high self-esteem. I had a lot of disordered eating issues during my teenage years and into my early 20s. I hated the mirror, photos and overall the way that I looked. I…

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IIFYM vs Meal Plans – Sustainability = Success!

Oct 01

IIFYM vs Meal Plans IIFYM or “Flexible Dieting” is something that I am a huge advocate of. I believe strongly in IIFYM because of the flexibility that this “diet” allows. In my own personal experience and in the experience as a coach, I see a higher adherence to plan when the client uses IIFYM. When…

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Competition Struggles and Resting Your Body

Aug 30

Prep is one of the most grueling (and rewarding) experiences I have ever put myself through. I have had a lot of success competing and A LOT of amazing highs, but with that come the lows. It hasn’t always been sunshine and kittens. Even after two years, there are many trying moments. It doesn’t really…

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