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Stressed? Anxious? Maybe you need to release some of that energy that is not serving you! I get it. This DOES look weird, but I’m so into it and I wanted to share. This is a MOVING meditation. It’s divided into four parts at 15 min each. 

1. Shaking - an incredible way to release pent up and stored energy! I feel amazing after shaking. It’s a nice way to “lose control” to a degree and let loose. I go HAM on this portion usually. In nature you will see animals that have escaped being prey go lay down and shake/vibrate. Same thing. #NATURE

2. Dancing - followed up be a free flow dance ! Just LET. GO. Don’t dance to the music, let the music dance you. I forgot how meditative dancing can be. Don’t worry about what you look like. Just let go. No fcks. (Plus you’ve already been shaking like a maniac... does it get weirder?)

3. Sitting in silence. Start to chill and bring your energy down and the stillness in by just sitting. Any way you want.

4. SAVASANA! Soak it up I usually feel pretty high and amazing at this point. Don’t do anything except enjoy! You may find yourself laughing or crying at any point during this moving meditation. SO GOOD! You want to release the energy... not let it build up! Every day is different and if you let something go then well done! I don’t meditate the same way every day, but shaking is really effective for me.


How do you normally meditate? Have you tried shaking before? 


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