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A lifelong athlete, Lauren quickly fell in love and found success in the Bikini Division of bodybuilding. She quickly rose to elite status and competed for two years as an IFBB Pro, competing both years at the prestigious Olympia. Lauren’s passion for health and fitness was a driving force behind coaching, however, she recognized a need for change within the industry to promote true and sustainable health for both competitors and lifestyle clients. 

Lauren believes health is a term comprised of many facets. She measures true health by things that cannot be measured on the scale and her coaching incorporates mind, body and soul. Her philosophy is, "it's hard to feel bad about a body you're taking care of." This is about creating a sustainable lifestyle, not a quick fix. The less you restrict yourself and the more you include, the more successful you will be.

She loves watching clients become so empowered through nutrition that it creates a ripple effect and extends to other areas of their life. Diet is so much more than what we put in our mouths, it’s what we put between our ears too.

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"Lauren created the space for me to step back into my own power and feel more at home in my body. If you feel called to work with her like I did, even if it's just a small inkling, honor that inner voice and DO IT. You won't regret it."

Sarah Carter

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