Beat the Bloat with my new Gut Guide 


Your body is telling you something.

Symptoms are information. Sometimes that information really sucks. Like feeling uncomfortable in your body, puffy, inflamed, watery. Experiencing bloating from EVERYTHING. Being consumed by cravings & constantly thinking about food. Constant fatigue both mental and physical. Uncharacteristic skin. All those unpleasant symptoms are telling you something.

Listen to your gut. Literally.

There's a reason this age old advie rings true. So much of our health starts at our gut. If you're ready to remain patient with your healing and curious about the information your body is telling you, I can help you become your own gut guru. 

We will explore the fundamentals of gut health and healing through case studies, lifestyle solutions, supplements, and food choice/timing.

Are you...

  • Bloated from everything you eat - even “healthy” foods?

  • Consumed by cravings & constantly thinking about food?

  • Always in need of a nap or another coffee?

  • Feeling super uncomfortable in your body and self conscious in your clothes?

  • Feeling puffy? Inflamed? Watery?

  • Struggling to lose the last 5-10 lbs?

  • Having breakouts on your skin that you’ve never had before?

  • Feeling sluggish, not just physically, but mentally too?

  • Struggling with hormonal imbalances?

    If you answered "YES" to any of these... This guide is for YOU!

Success Stories

Photos of real clients. Used with permission.

"I wish everyone could find the health and relief I did from the guidance and expertise of Lauren."

“I finished my 2nd bikini competition, and right after my competition my stomach got very bloated. Every day I was in constant pain and looked pregnant. I went to many doctors... No one could figure anything out. Their remedies were to pump me full of meds with extreme side effects. I didn’t want that. I was getting very depressed. I was afraid to eat and had to lay down almost every evening. 

Then I found Lauren. I contacted her right away. Lauren changed my life! She didn’t recommend meds or supplements. She simply changed my macros and got my fiber in check. She guided me. It was a 6-8 month process but Lauren stuck with me. She encouraged me every step of the way. 

I wish everyone could find the health and relief I did from the guidance and expertise of Lauren. I will be forever grateful to her.” -JESSICA C.

"I've been to so many gastrointestinal doctors in my life and never had the success with my digestion as with this simple natural holistic approach. Keep changing lives!" -DANA R.


How I beat the bloat.

I had digestive issues my entire life. I did not know that most people had a daily bowel movement until I was 16 years old! Having irregular bowel movements would be a regular (or not so regular... ha!) theme for me until the end of 2018.

I competed as an elite IFBB bikini pro, ranking 12th in the world in 2017. Months later my health rapidly deteriorated and I spent all of 2018 and part of 2019 in rest/recovery mode. I had gut issues and hormonal imbalances wreaking havoc on my system. Repairing my gut was the FIRST step that I had to take on my road to recovery.

My gut health started to improve when I hired my first nutrition coach. I was eating more food, whole food, and fiber… it was amazing! This changed as I became overworked, chronically stressed, overtrained, and over dieted. My obsession with bodybuilding would lead me to be VERY restrictive in my selection of foods and I would be able to tolerate fewer foods as time went on, all while the symptoms became worse… constipation, bloating, and eventually, foods containing soy would cause me to have massive bouts of water retention.

This led to a weight gain of 15 pounds in one month (mainly inflammation), and more weight later as my hormones became more out of balance.

The answer to bloating and constipation is NOT a one size fits all approach. In my story,I had improved digestion from making changes to my nutrition, but years of chronic stress and a suboptimal lifestyle started to cause other issues with my gut leading to hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue and inflammation.

At this point nutrition wasn’t enough. I had to start to address the lifestyle factors that were contributing to my gut issues. I naturally healed my hormones and adrenal fatigue, and I am here to share all these tools with you through this guide.

Back to Basics

I'll guide you through the fundamentals that are critical to taking back your gut health. Through a holistic, curious approach. 


Diet fatigue & food timing, to food intolerance & sensitivity. Learn how fuel affects your gut.


Learn about the different kinds of stress and how to mitigate the effects. 


It's impossible to reach the essential 'rest and digest' state without the 'rest' part. 


Learn about how much and what kind of fiber will help you get moving, regularly.


We will talk about water intake and why proper hydration is key to gut health.


Eight part video course ($497 value)

I walk you step-by-step through my proven and holistic framework that has helped thousands of women beat the bloat, balance hormones and end constipation for good.

Fool-Proof Action Checklist ($129 value)

Must do action steps for optimal results - unlock simple and clear steps to get results fast and cut through the BS advice you’ve heard.

High Fiber Food Cheat Sheet ($97 value)

Hit your fiber goals with ease and promote regular movements to eliminate excess hormones.

Easy to Follow Meal Plan ($149 value)

Get started on creating balanced, healthy meals to beat the bloat right away!

Exclusive Supplement List ($47 value)

My top recommendations, broken down, for optimizing gut health and supporting long term benefits (without swallowing 5 million pills a day!).

Simple Recipe Sheets ($25 value)

Simple recipes with common ingredients and pantry staples to add to your daily routine for optimal gut health.

BONUS: Intermittent Fasting & Travel Guide ($99 value)

Bonus guide to intermittent fasting and travel so you can show up to your destination looking and feeling amazing!

Go ahead. Listen to your gut.

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